• Gallup StrengthsFinder increases engagementPeople who use their strengths every day are 6 times more likely to be engaged on the job - Gallup Research
  • Clifton StrengthsFinder increases team productivityTeams that focus on their strengths are 12.5% more productive
  • StrengthsFinder 03Companies that develop a strengths-based culture achieve 8.9% greater profitability - Gallup research
  • Strengths InstituteStrengths Institute South Africa is ranked as the largest Strengths Coach training organisation outside the USA - Gallup advocacy group 2013

“Our research into human strengths does not support the extreme, and extremely misleading, assertion that 'you can play any role you set your mind to,' but it does lead us to this truth: Whatever you set your mind to, you will be most successful when you craft your role to play to your signature talents most of the time.” (Donald Clifton, 1924-2003).

The well known “leadership challenge” is one that will be with us for as long as humanity exist. The greatest challenge of a leader, is the fact that you lead people. Not machines. Not systems. Not schedules, diaries, objectives or goals. The way you inspire and get the most out of people you are assigned to lead, is unique to you.

Leaders are people who “set their mind to something”….thus, they are ambitious, motivated and going somewhere. Great leaders do all of this, but with a crucial added element: they are confident in their strengths (and thus know exactly what they are) , while also vulnerable in their weaknesses – accepting them, but not being held back by them.

Leading from your Strengths takes the approach that the overwhelming amount of material, seminars, books and resources available today on “How to lead effectively” are pretty meaningless if you do not clearly understand what inspires, energise and moves to action the two most basic parts of the leadership relation: you, the leader and them, the followers.

Building on the research of the Gallup Organization of the past four decades, and aligning with the results of the Clifton StrengthsFinder, this workshop guarantees to have an approach that will have a double impact on you: first, you will be astonished with the sensibility of it all – although your traditional “leadership paradigms” may be shaken up somewhat. Secondly, the practicality of it will make you want to get back to the office – or where it is you lead – to go and apply the knowledge and skill from the word go.

Workshop Outline:

  • Understanding your unique Full 34 Talent Themes. (According to the Clifton Strengthsfinder©)
  • Understanding the Talents of those you lead – and why it is important.
  • What great Leaders do differently.
  • Basics of Strengths-Based Leadership.
  • Discovering your unique style of Strengths-Based Leadership.
  • How to draw on your Talents when Leading.
  • How to draw from your Talents when the Leadership pressure is on.
  • How to do Leadership planning from your strengths.
  • The four most basic needs of followers.
  • Strengths Based Leadership case studies.
  • Your unique Leadership challenges and how to face them from your strengths.
  • Leading and Managing – the interaction and differences.
  • The Leader as a constant learner – and how to learn from your unique strengths.
  • How to lead others (teams) within their unique strengths.
  • Your Personal Leadership Strength-Statement and Strategy.
  • The “Top Peters 50” through a Strengths Lens.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Knowledge and skill in terms of Leadership best practices from a Strengths-Based perspective.
  • Understanding and applying your own Leadership style for maximum effectiveness.
  • Skill & Knowledge on how to draw from your unique Strengths in any situation.
  • Skill for effective Strength-Based team-leadership.
  • Understanding when to lead…and when to manage – from your strengths.
  • Applying your own Strength-Based Leadership Strategy in practice – from today and forever.
  • Skills on how to get the most out of your followers.